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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Services and make sure you fully understand them. These Terms and Conditions constitute a mandatory agreement (the „Agreement”) between the User and The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to regulate the legal relationship between and the User.

By accessing you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and you agree unconditionally that they will be applied to you. By accepting these terms and conditions you declare that you have read their content and that your rights and obligations have been brought to your notice.

If the user does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, they must stop immediately to use our Services.

Unless otherwise stated, in the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any other document or rules mentioned within, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

Any phrase introduced by the words „encompass” or „include” or similar phrases is indicative and does not limit the meaning of the following words and it will be considered „without limitation”.

Terms definition and interpretation

In the present agreement, the following words and the following terms will have the meaning below, except the context where it clearly shows a different meaning and will regulate the use of the site for the User.

Agreement: These terms and conditions,, us, we: : The website, owned by MEDIA SKY SERV, a Romanian company registered within ONRC Botosani, Romania under J7/131/2004, CIF 16231532, holder of the affiliate license obtained by Decision 945/30.05.2016, issued by ONJN.

Content: Everything contained on the site or within other communication channels (e.g., facebook, youtube, google, etc.) including, but not limited to, software, data, applications, text, photos, music, sounds, clips, graphics, logos, symbols, illustrations, or any other moving material or image

User: A person or software that uses the Services.

Representatives: Representatives, executives, agents or employees of

Service or Services: offers its users information about casino promotions, casino bonuses, casino news, casino winnings and other gambling articles in the field, prizes competitions, online videos, promotions and advertisements of licensed casinos in Romania. Casinos promoted on will always be fully licensed. If not, they will not be promoted anymore on the website.

The services include access to all information accessible on the site in any form, including but not limited to articles, contests, advertising spaces, and any other related content or software, whether in downloadable format or on other media platforms, is accessible or is otherwise used by the user through the site and allows him to participate in the services offered by The services include the content owned by

Accepting terms and conditions

1. By accessing, the user accepts unconditionally these Terms and Conditions.

2. The Agreement applies to the use of the Services and is applicable from the first visit on By visiting the site, the User guarantees that he has the legal age to gamble in the country from which he accesses the Services (18 years in Romania).

3. may at any time request the user to submit official documents attesting legal age. To the extent that the user cannot demonstrate that he or she meets the minimum age, the user will be blocked until he provides the necessary documentation to

4. By using the services, the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be modified in writing and accepted by the user.

5. Only may unilaterally modify the terms and conditions or policies applicable to the use of the website at any time if it considers this necessary. The new terms will be made known to the users on the terms and conditions page, mentioning the date of the last change. The user must access the terms and conditions page whenever he wants to find the latest changes.

6. The user may not request his / her exemption from the new terms and conditions and may not continue to be subject to the old terms, the new provisions being mandatory for all users from the date of their communication.

7. The user accessing the portal after the new terms of communication will be subject to them in full and cannot invoke their ignorance.

8. Any right not granted in these Terms and Conditions is reserved.

9. If you do not fully agree with these Terms and Conditions, you will cease immediately to use the Services.

Intellectual property rights

1. All rights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights in any material or content on the site or other communication channels (the „Content”) belong to us or have been granted for our benefit by lawful owners as part of the Service. All rights are reserved.

2. In particular, in respect of the content (in whole or in part), the User is forbidden to engage in the prohibited activities listed below (collectively, „Prohibited Actions”):

  • Sale, transfer, rental or subcontracting of the content;
  • Changing, editing, modifying, adapting or restructuring of any kind;
  • Copying, sharing, or attempting to access the content source code for any purpose;
  • Use of our sites for any illegal or prohibited purpose or violation of these Terms and Conditions, in any form.

3. If the User commits a Forbidden Action, he / she will be held fully responsible for all damages, costs and expenses arising from the begining of such action.

4. The User may copy the content in an unmodified form for personal use on its own computer, mobile device or other access devices if and to the extent that such copy is necessary for the proper use of the Services.

5. The User will inform immediately if he / she is unaware of any unauthorized use or copying of any Content or any part of the Site, any unauthorized access to any site or other unauthorized activities, including, but not limited to, any prohibited act linked to our Services, committed by any individual or entity. The user agrees to provide us with all necessary assistance for any investigation carried out by

6. The User hereby gives perpetual, irrevocable, free worldwide permission to reproduce, transfer, modify, adapt and / or edit any material provided by the new user, by e-mail, to the websites or otherwise, in any way considers it appropriate without informing the User.

Obligations of the user

1. To comply with these terms and conditions under the sanction of the warning, otherwise the user will be banned from the website.

2. Not to make abusive, harassing or violent statements with content that invokes violence or can be considered provocative, sexist, obscene, pornographic, racist, offensive or morally reprehensible.

3. Not to start rumors or to distribute false or fabricated information about, about the activity of the website, about the administrators and the way of working, the observance of the laws, the opinions or the position that or its representatives take in current issues, including media coverage.

4. Not to present yourself as a representative of or of an affiliated or partner company in third party relationships.

5. Not to use images, photographs, graphics, video, audio, sounds, texts, brand names, titles, names, software or any legally protected content without the consent of copyright holders or related rights without legal approval.

6. Not to use the image, content, logo, name, address or any other intellectual property right owned by for personal, commercial or non-commercial purposes, without written and express consent from the administrators of

7. Not to abuse programming errors that may allow additional rights, access to privileged information or any other information about

8. Not to take actions that lead to overloading of servers and / or may adversely affect the normal use of the website by users.

9. Not to use the website code without the express and written agreement of, not to piracy or to incite others to use or breaking the code.

10. Not to use to distribute pirated software without license, and not to incite the use of pirated / unlicensed software.

11. Do not use software with macros or other software for cheating.

12. Not to use programs that allow data mining or intercept or collect in any way information about users, or information presented on, of any nature.

13. Not to take action to interrupt transmissions to and from servers.

14. Not to infiltrate, in any way and for any purpose, servers.

15. Use only through regular web browsers. Any other use, other programs, scripts, or other helpful tools is forbidden.

16. To read the emails received from, the content of which is often of great importance for the activity on the website. By using the email address that the user indicates on the contact form on, we will contact him regarding any aspects of the website’s activity.’s obligations

1. Providing users with access to the website and the information contained therein, except in situations where due to cases of major force or other unforeseen events that can not be qualified as major force but which due to their specificity, affects the use of the website and its operation is disturbed.

2. To sanction violations of these terms and to promote a civilized, pleasant and professional social environment.

Website malfunctions

1. ensures the use of the website by the users in the version existing at the moment of use. The user has the right to file complaints and to alert about the existence of some malfunctions. Moreover, the user does not have the right to require a certain functionality to be implemented, maintained or modified.

2. The user is advised to adequately prove any defects that occur during the use of any of’s services and to advertise them by offering all the information and all the evidence he has in order to facilitate the repair of the malfunction.

3. For any complaints, users will address in writing via e-mail to [email protected] , any other complaints not being taken into account.

4. does not take any responsability for the good functioning of the website.

Responsibilities of

1. In the activity of providing services, takes no responsibility for posting imprecise information on the website, all of which are for information purposes. Any mistakes may be made to the administration of the website, but will not be responsible for the subsequent use of this information by users.

2. does not offer any guarantee that:

  • the service will be provided in an uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free manner
  • any program error will be corrected
  • The service will be compatible with the platform or software that the user uses
  • the service or server it provides to the user is free of viruses or other components that could harm users and can not be held responsible for the damage caused by them

3. does not organize or host online gambling.

4. does not charge a fee for accessing the informational content and does not guarantee that the observance of the instructions provided by the website or by the other users will bring the user a success in the activities he undertakes. Compliance with the methods and recommendations presented is statistically useful to those who wish to inform themselves, but does not guarantee a profit or improvement of its activities.

5. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained from the website is used only at the user’s own risk.

6. is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of the incorrect functioning or malfunctioning of the website, or the impossibility of honoring certain Services.

7. does not undertake to provide personalized content or individual services to its users.

8. refers in the content of the website to a number of gambling operators. For the services provided by these operators as well as for any damages caused by the relations between them, takes no responsibility and can not be obliged to indemnities.

9. The user is responsible for all damages caused by the use of services, as well as for all the damages for which becomes liable as a result of a user action.

10. When makes reference in the content of the website to other websites, assumes no responsibility for their content. has no control over the content presented by these websites and cannot influence their activity, therefore any form of liability for their content is excluded. does not relate to other websites that contain immoral, obscene, dangerous content, contrary to public morality or that can not be socially accepted. If the user finds such statements or information in the content of the websites recommended by, he will inform in the shortest possible time.

Data protection and advertising

1. will use all personal data of the user in confidentiality and in accordance with the regulations imposed at national level.

2. stores and processes the e-mail address if it is provided via the contact form and it will not be used for commercial purposes.

3. The user has the possibility to refuse to receive information on that e-mail address, which will be made available to him in every e-mail sent by, according to the available legislation.

4. is mostly financed by advertising. Therefore, may allow affiliates or affiliates to contact users for advertising purposes. If the user does not object, his or her data may be used to send advertisements to the user that reflect his / her interests (based on the information he sent to The user may at any time withdraw his / her consent by email. The user will be able to refuse to receive any such messages in the future in any advertising message sent by

5. In certain circumstances, may be subject to the obligation to disclose the user’s personal data to a third person. assures users that in this situation they will do their best for the data to remain private, the exceptional situations being: protecting the personal safety of a member of, the legal obligation to provide the data that it has to the judicial bodies in the conduct of the investigations they carry out.

Final provisions

1. and its users understand to seek legal help if needed in the territorial jurisdiction of The website is subject to the laws of Romania, and although it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, assumes no responsibility for the content conflict with foreign laws.

2. All content presented on is copyrighted and the use without right of any article, post, mention, advertisement, image or any other element that is the subject of these rights is a copyright infringement, sanctioned by the Law 8/1996.

3. We reserve the right to edit, modify, suspend, cancel or remove the site, including its content, at any time without notice, and for any reason whatsoever may include, among others, the cancellation of your access to these services as a result of violating any of these clauses.

4. These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the provisions of the Romanian law.

5. If you have any general questions about the current terms, please contact us at: [email protected]

6. does not support or recommend irresponsible participation in gambling. In order to protect the user, minors are not allowed access to the website. If gambling has become a problem for your life and it negatively affects your private life, you can visit to take the first step to remedy these difficulties.